Disruption Management & IOCC Design

The underestimated money saver!

The IOCC (integrated ops control center) is the nerve center of the company where the core processes meet and are turned into reality.

An IOCC is more than just operations control for daily operations. It has full responsibility for a defined period being able to look forward, avoid and handle disruptions and finally look back to analyze disruptions for better understanding and feedback.

Well known KPIs of operations are the OTP- on-time performance, mishandled passenger and baggage numbers, dispatch reliability and of course delay costs - reaction time in minutes converted into money.

Big money - a single disruption ending up in flight cancellation can cost hundred thousands of dollars.

Disruption costs can be dramatically reduced or even saved with a professionally designed and run IOCC.

AVIATION CONSULTING is the specialist for IOCC setups and has the knowledge and experience to create the tailored solution for your company.

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